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Default Help with Toddlers Sleeping in Any Bed
So I found the toddler sleeping codes in Sims Studio under one of the toddler beds and I moved them to an adult bed. Tried the script it in-game, the option is now there, the toddler attempts to get into the bed, but can't. I've never made a tuning mod, so I don't know what I did wrong. Can anyone help?
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It's probably a routing issue (there's quite a few with toddlers). Most likely it's like tents where adding the code is possible but due to the limited toddler motion-abilities and the structure of the object itself they can't actually do whatever interaction you added.

I don't know if anyone has found a work-around for toddler tents (most likely not since I've googled it recently) but that's probably the place to start.

As a side note, I'd also be concerned about toddler-in-bed animations since many of those would be lower to the ground than a 'regular' bed.
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May need new animations as well. Maybe the animation for them sleeping on a couch? Might be high enough like a bed. I've tinkered a little with new interactions and usually need more done to them then just removing a restriction or adding the option. I would use the interaction for a sim but rework it for a toddler. To do that you will need to give it its own ID numbers. It will also need new animations for a toddler or the toddler may stretch. This helped me with creating new interactions scumbumbo tutorial Hope this helps.

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