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Default Texture placement issue with repository technique
Hello to all of you,

I am quite new on this forum, and I hope my explanations will be clear enough. I made an attempt at creating a version of the ValueWood Lumber's "Justa Door" with a glass panel. Everything went fine, it is slave to the original Maxis one using the repository technique. Even though it is cloned from the Chiclettina "Mauritania" door (which already had a glass panel), I simply replaced each part of the mesh (doorframe, door and handle) by the ones extracted from the ValueWood door. The actual issue is that the texture won't display correctly on the doorframe, and as for the door itself, the texture is not symmetrical (on the original texture image, there is a round "shadow" at the handle emplacement which displays correctly on one side of the door, but is reversed on the other side).
Since it is repositoried, I cannot modify the texture image.
The file should be attached and is called "seventies-mauritania"

Any ideas as to what could possibly be done ? I feel like I am quite close to make it...
Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Did you remap (UV-map) the door? Sometimes when you make changes to the mesh, the mapping changes, and needs to be fixed for the repository technique to work. If something doesn't get the right texture, this is the first thing you should check. Extract the textures from the "master" object, and compare them ot the mapping from all sides of your door and the door handle. Chances are something was moved around a bit in the process.
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Yes simmer22, I checked and the door texture map corresponds to the position of the texture image. Maybe the problem is the doorframe, because indeed, the UVmap does not correspond to the texture image. Thing is, I did not change the slighest thing to the doorframe mesh, and so just left the original mapping (when opening it into UVMapper classic, it told me that the mapping was out of range or something of the kind, and asked if I wanted to correct this, which I did). Perhaps the problem is here ?
I attached the original texture and doorframe mapping. Thanks for taking the time to help !
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When you corrected the mapping that was out of range, you changed the uv map. So that's definitely at least part of the problem.
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What omglo said above is true - when you said "yes" in UVMapper to correcting the "out of range", it shifted the map to fit the texture. That doesn't really matter at this point because your new door was never mapped to the new texture in the first place if I read your first post correctly.

One thing I can tell you about the mapping - the reason the shadow for the door knob is on the wrong side for one side of your door is that the mapping for that side of the door needs to be flipped.
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So, according to your answers, I tried to avoid that "correction" by UVMapper by simply importing the doorframe to SimPE (directly extracted from the original door), without going through Wings3D (which wavefront.obj format is not quite compatible with SimPE, is it?) and UVMapper. Am I making sense ? Anyway, that worked ! the texture displays correctly on the doorframe.
As for the door and the flipped texture, I tried the "rotate" command in UVMapper, which haven't seemed to work...
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Well, in the end, I flipped the door mesh itself, and it seemed to have solved everything ! Thanks a bunch for the help !
And if anyone is interested by the door, maybe I could upload it on MTS someday.
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Glad you got it sorted. For future reference, when UV mapper asks if you want to correct the issue, you can just click no. The mesh will load normally and the map won't be changed. Wings3D's Wavefront objects are compatible with SimPE.
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