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Default Need help finding a material shader
I wanna make some changes to this neighbourhood water mod, but I've never done anything with material shaders. And it already starts at finding one. I've tried every search option, but SimPE won't find me the original resource that the mod apparently overrides. I also went into the game files and searched by opening every promising looking package and plain old looking, but nothing. How do you dig these things up?

The problem is that there is one working version of this mod, at least in my game, and it's the freaky yellow water. All others look perfectly fine in hood view, but turn the sea water invisible when I'm on a non-beach lot. Niol doesn't seem to be around anymore and I have no idea what I'm doing... copy-pasting only got me so far without being able to look at the untouched resource. I was gonna take the properly working yellow water and just fiddle around with that until I get the colour changed, but there is one thing I can't get rid of. I found the values to change the colour of the actual water but there still is a stubborn yellow shine on it in lot view. If anyone can help me with that, that would be even better.
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The shaders are all found in 'your highest EP' TSData\Res\Materials\Materials.package. Copy that file to wherever you want to work with it (don't work with the actual game files if you can help it). Open the mod in SimPE and select the big 'I' in the resource tree and select the resource in the resource tree that you want to find, then open the Materials.package and it will open at that resource.

To edit those types of files it's best to extract it with SimPE and change the extension of the extracted file from .simpe to .txt and edit that with notepad, that because SimPE messes up all of the carriage returns if you edit in SimPe.
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Got the little sucker. Thanks!
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