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Default Jones's Outfit of the Day Challenge
Here are 7 style themes, one for each day of the week. Design a look for your sim fitting into each theme.
  • At the Beach
  • Prom
  • On the Farm
  • Autumn
  • To the Future
  • Urban
  • Retro

Post your outfits bellow and let us see what you've come up with!

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I'm doing this challenge with the same sims for Sims 2 and Sims 4. Each post will contain a link back and forth to it's twin.

Day 1 - At the beach

You know the drill, right? You go to Brindleton Bay, your luggage goes to Strangetown. That's what happend to Wolfie and Rikku, so they had to buy new outfits in place of their old ones. And sunglasses and a strawhat, because the sun that they were looking forward to bask in is much, much more intense than Rikku imagined. Almost like in Strangetown (ask their luggage if you don't believe them!). Also sandals, because hot sand it hot. Ouch!

Today they want to go home asap, but from tomorrow on they'll like it. Sims 4 even has real Skellie fishes (but Rikku forbade Wolfie to catch one and wear it on a string. A chain of polished beads will have to do)!

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Day 2: Prom

First Rikku's recreated Sims 2 outfit:
I liked the Sims 2 version, but this one, I don't know. It looked better in my head than on the screen. Rikku here looks like someone trying too hard to be the evil queen. Which would be Wolfie's role. Meh.

And the Sims 4 version of Wolfie's outfits:

"You are not going to leave the house like this, young man!" Mila Munch yelled at the middle son, Wolfgang.

No matter in how many words and different tones the youth explained that he was a Renegade and all gang members had agreed to not conform to the mainstream, Mila seemed deaf. Wolfie could just as well have talked to her in High Imperial, the aliens' ceremonial language.

"My firm is doing the catering, all my co-workers will be there and if they saw you like this I'd die from embarassment!"

"B... but you won't be there, will you, mom?"

Mila chuckled at her son's rising panic, then she shook her head. Respecting Wolfie's unspoken wish she had taken the day off. This was her son's evening and his alone. Besides, what was Facebook for? Pictures and videos were bound to pop up there even as the event was still in full swing.

While still argueing with Mila, Wolfie processed the info he had just recieved. His mother had taken the day off. She could have used that day anytime, to go places she liked with company she enjoyed. But instead she had sacrificed it for tonight and would probably read a book or tidy up the hobby shack. A precious vacation day wasted - for Wolfgang's benefit. Wasn't it only fair that he gave something back for this?

And so, accompanied by much grumbling, the boy changed into a more suitable attire and even allowed his hair to be cut.

He felt he looked like Malcolm Landgraab, but something told him that his friends would arrive similarly spruced up, regardless of what they had promised each other beforehand.
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Day 3: On the farm

First the recreation of the Sims 2 entry where they are selling the snake oil, sorry, the magic potions. Nothing much to say here except that Rikku is using her disguise.

And then the actual outfits: black for Wolfie with a white hat "to make the customers trust me" and something practical for Rikku.

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Day 4: Autumn

I don't have Seasons, but there's snow on the mountains, so it could be late fall in Windenburg.

First: The faithful recreation of their Sims 2 outfits with an errand firefly where none belongs

Second: A slight variation that looks better (to my eyes at least) while still being in character.
Bonfire songs and dances must make up for lack of Seasons again, but at least no naughtly fireflys this time.

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Day 5: Into the future

In the Sims 2 section Wolfgang has taken a peak into the future:

But what did he see? The couple at a summer day, with a holographic projection of snowy Granite Falls around them? Or are they really in Granite Falls in early winter and owe their cold protection to some future medi-tech? Time will tell.

Note: I like both outfits, just the female one, well, it looks good on any sim BUT Rikku.
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Day 6: Urban

Again, no original outfits, but versions of the Sims 2 day 6.
The exact fit for Wolfie would have been the Day of the dead suit, but that one gives off a country festival vibe that doesn't fit him.
I realized that I like red on him, though.

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Day 6: Retro

Are the nineties retro? In the eyes of Wolfie and Rikku, who were born around 1995, definitely.

I proudly present the 90s as I remember them (not necessarily accurate):

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