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Default Fir Island - a mysterious vacation world
Hey fellow Simmers!

Since my most recent world, Hana Island, is currently being moderated for upload, I figured I would start work on yet another tiny world. This new world will be far more rural than any of my other projects, and I hope to create it specifically as a vacation world to be compatible with Nraas' Traveller mod!

Fir Island is a tiny coniferous island with a mysterious backstory that only the most hardy adventurers may discover. Aside from its beautiful sites, Fir Island is also home to a wide array of interesting artifacts, gems, and plants for the avid naturalist, archaeologist, or scientist. I plan to outfit Fir Island with several tombs, as well as a base camp and an empty ownable lot.

As always, feel free to post suggestions or comments on the world! I will update as I continue work on the island.
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Looking good so far! My only suggestion might be to round off those points to give a more natural look and to make the island less square looking? Tombs!!!! Fun place to visit! I am looking forward to seeing more.
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