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Default The Fahrenheit 451 Challenge (Generations and ITF required)
Backstory: Your Sim lives in a futuristic world where the masses gain everything from Advanced Technology and Plumbots, to the point where ALL reading material is banned entirely. You are naturally paranoid that the elites are controlling your very thoughts, so you move away from the crowded city center into a rustic cabin in a more "Natural" area. With whatever smarts you possess, you formulate a plan...

Pre-Challenge: Load up whichever world you want (preferably one you don't play often) and plop down a small house on the outskirts of town, after all, your "book keeper" needs somewhere to live. Also, delete the school. Then, boot up CAS. In CAS, create a Young Adult Sim with the following traits: Bookworm, Technophobe, and Rebellious. Place your Sim in the house. and have them join an "influential" career. (Politics, Business, Military, Law, and Science, or even Criminal, if you want to be more covert.)

During Challenge: Become Best Friends with as many Bookworms as possible and get them to join your cause/ move in with you, and reach the highest level of each "influential" career.

Goals: Create a large movement and establish an era where literacy is a required skill, as is Logic/the ability to reason for oneself.

Fail Conditions: You die without someone (an heir, a second in command, etc...) who can keep up your rebellion.

Rules: No cheating (OK, make needs static is a must-have)
Have fun

Career Benefits: Law (As long as you stay on the field, you can help Sims who seem to sympathize, but can't be recruited due to a lack of the bookworm trait [i.e. Technophobes, Neurotics, etc...] escape town)
Criminal (You can steal legal paperwork)
Politics (You can speak out in favor of books, newspaper, etc...)
Military (Like Politics, but slightly weaker)
Science (You can run studies proving the positive effects of reading on the brain)
Business (You can sell E-books at least, to "indoctrinate" the youth)

Skill Benefits: Writing+Charisma+Logic= You can deceive visitors. (Whoever has highest combined score would do this. Roll on the following parameters: if total 3-15, Unless you roll a 6, you're reported to the authorities. if 15-25, 1 or 2= reported, 3-6= safe, 25-30, Don't roll, they buy it.)
Cooking+Charisma+Logic= You can buy recipes. (See above.)

If you try it out, let's see what you do with the challenge! Please post here or link to a blog, story, etc...
SV Freebie: If you move in Agnes, you can add the entire Goth household. (Because, in story, Agnes could theoretically verify that they're safe, but, feel free to come up with another reason.)
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#2 Old 26th Apr 2018 at 7:59 PM
I like this a lot. Started in Lunar Lakes, it fits the futuristic theme quite well

Question though, what happens when you are reported, do you fail and have to start over?
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#3 Old 14th May 2018 at 6:23 AM
Originally Posted by Dead Guest
I like this a lot. Started in Lunar Lakes, it fits the futuristic theme quite well

Question though, what happens when you are reported, do you fail and have to start over?

Sorry for the wait, I don't check as often as I should. But the answer is yes.
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#4 Old 7th Jun 2018 at 8:31 PM
I have a quick question, could you please explain the rolls a bit more? Does the 3-15 mean a combined skill level of logic/charisma/writing? Also, what does the end goal mean? Does it mean to just have a certain number of sims or does the challenge pretty much go on indefinitely?
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#5 Old 13th Jun 2018 at 2:41 AM
Again, don't check as often as I should. First answer: You got that right. Second answer: The challenge pretty much goes on indefinitely, yes.
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