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In this re-set of Pleasantview I sat back and watched Don go on his own for a day or two. With his one Neatness point, he was hopeless. The piles of garbage stayed there, the plates were green-fuming, the shower room was flooded. He stamped on cockroaches obsessively, even when he had 'flu, and kept appealing to me to do something. It was obvious that he could not live alone - he needed the love of a good woman.
So I quit without saving, and Nina Caliente invited him to move in. Since he is madly attracted to both sisters, things quickly became complicated. Dina had already seduced Mortimer Goth, in the hopes of persuading him into marriage, and was carrying his child; but both sisters succumbed to Don's charm (well, so did I) before the girls had to go off to work. Still feeling randy, Don called Kaylynn Langerak and asked her to move in. She saw through him all right; she accepted the invitation, but as a family sim she knew a loser when she saw one. She moved out straight away to her own place, glad to dump that absurd French maid's dress that the agency had made her wear. She's looking for a steady family man to marry.
What will happen now? Will Dina get Mortimer to the altar? Will Nina and Don circle round each other, secretly cheating? Everyone says Don fathers beautiful children. I've never seen them yet. Perhaps today?
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In my latest, clean version of Pleasantview, Don married Cassandra but kept up his old ways with Nina and Kaylynn. Don became disenchanted with Dina after she made it clear she was only interested in successful, rich men (i.e. Mortimer Goth and Malcolm Landgraab IV) and wouldn't be satisfied as a woman on the side for a power couple. Cassandra got pregnant almost immediately after marrying Don, who was thrilled when she gave birth to their son Anthony. Cassandra, however, wasn't thrilled when she saw a very pregnant Nina Caliente strolling around Downtown. It didn't take long for Cassandra to put the pieces together and catch Don and Nina together. With a broken heart she filed for divorce (and soon thereafter moved in with Darren Dreamer). After being thrown out by Cassandra, Don moved in with the real love of his life, Nina, and is raising their son Fernando with her (whose last name is Lothario, courtesy of SimPE). Although the two of them never plan on getting married, both of them are more happy than they have ever been and their nontraditional relationship doesn't seem to bother their son in the least. Don has seen less and less of Kaylynn ever since she married Daniel Pleasant, though they are both still in love with each other. Once Daniel passes on, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaylynn comes to Don looking for some 'comfort.'
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I have a complete soft spot for Cassandra because we both have the same name so in every game I made her break-up with him just after she found out she was pregnant with his baby. In my current game she ended up having twin boys with Don: Vincent and Remington. Remington grew up with Mortimer & Dina and became a fortune sim and Vincent grew up with Cassandra & Darren and became a popularity sim and joined the criminal career track after Darren died of disease (Cassandra nearly did too, but, soft spot, so Dirk won a battle with the grim reaper). Don never met either of them.
Don then went on to marry Kaylynn the maid. She kept rolling the want to have children and Don kept rolling that as a fear.... so I decided they'd have a child. He was a boy named Rocoe Lothario. Kaylynn taught him all of his toddler skills as well as teaching him to study, and then one day she rolled the want for another baby, and Don rolled the want for woohoo and I figured why not?. They had son Vito Lothario. This time Don kept rolling a lot of wants surrounding Vito (clearly favoritism) and ended up teaching him to walk, talk and study.

Vincent & Remington Goth have just aged up into teenagers
Rocoe has 3 days left before he's also a Teenager and Vito just became a child on the last rotation
All of them have black hair and green eyes, Vincent, Remington and Vito all have skintone #3 and Rocoe has skintone #2.
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In this incarnation of Pleasantview Don has been quite the ladies man. He's married to Cassandra Goth and together they have 2 children, a Teen son named Mortimer Goth, Jr and a newborn named Bella. Despite being a married father of two, Don still has affairs galore with all sorts of women. Don also has twin daughters with Nina Caliente - the twins are named Dawn and Donna Caliente. He's woohooed with 6 or 7 other Sims and has a pretty good chance of achieving his lifetime want of woohoo with 20 Sims. I love Don! He's so much fun to play
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I usually make him marry Kaylynn Langerak. I once had him marry Nicole Smyth (one of my CAS creations), and I once had him impregnate every woman in Pleasantview.
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I was tired of him being such a player, so I put a bomb in his house and detonated it.
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All of the above. Then I let him have his wish; ALL of Mr. Studly's girlfriends moved in, (like 6 or so) ALL of them got pregnant (ACR, with everything set to "overdrive"). He was set to have no jealousy, but by the time the house was filled with kids, toddlers, and roaches (I only made kids with lots of "neatness" clean) all the women were having fights and poor Don wasn't getting anything but women slapping him. YAAAhhahah

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Well decided I'd share my Don Lothario story... cuz kinda proud of it.
Got Strangetown main & Pleasantview, Veronaville, Riverblossom,
Bluewater, Desiderata Valley & Widespot subhoods with the 3 uni's & vaca spots
& of course downtown.

I decided with that many ladies to have Don have kid in each subhood.
Each from a redhead cuz well he likes em from start with Nina.

Gonna go in order of left to right pic i'm linking... hope get it right anyway not posted pic before on here.
Thats all of em in his house as YA's... had to move loveseat for room.

Queso Una is Natasha Una's boy & is awesome pleasure sim.
Had to make him that to stave off the grilled cheese she kept feeding him,
Luckily he got dad's fitness OTH & spent most childhood eating grilled cheese & jump roping.
ltw of celebrity chef & autonomously beat up Edward contrary downtown(i think his name is edward)...
was gonna let him have Opal for that but pleasure/knowledge sims didnt exactly click, so hooked him
up with vidcund's alien daughter(also pleasure sim).
edward got bad rep now apparently...

Tommy Teatherton is Alexandra's Teatherton's boy... they totally triple bolted so was fairly easy hookup.
Popular sim... i forgot ltw but it's i'm sure a career.

The green one, Cameron, is obviously Chloe Curious's, both romance sims easy connection also.
I moved her to Bluewater cuz...didnt find any redheads there, He's pop sim also i think wants to be mayor.

That's Nina Caliente's daughter, Donna, in black dress... who is very pretty obviously.
Made her knowledge sim but prob change to romance once hit's junior & pass on tradition of per parents.
She is technically oldest cuz first born but i sent em all but the beech girl to college same time.

The one she talking too is Romus Beaker, one of Circe's twins. Other twin is the girl second from end.
I named her Cassiphone, which i think is name the witch Circe's daughter is some telling of the myth.
Both neat freaks from momma, & i killed Loki with lightning(appropriately with his name i thought).
Made Loki a gay zombie & now lives with gay zombie rock star Romeo Monty(what? romeo's supposed to die...)
They seem happy together so that's all that counts.
Poor Circe raised twins alone & did great... i took her on vacation after to learn to teleport as a reward.
She argue'd with the wise old man... he must like mean women cuz told her dragon story after..

Uranus Summerdream next... Titania's boy, wicked eyebrows on him but no elf ears. kinda disappointed
by that lol. pop sim too... i made a lot of the boys pop sims & prob sub romance later if not change em to that.
Killed Oberon though, kinda feel bad bout that but made him permaplat in his ltw career then
simlogical caked him.... so bottom & puck got money lol.

Then at end is Omaha Beech, Virginia Beech's daughter, prob can tell she got her mom's jawline.
Wants to be a rock star prob do that since only got few really. sanjay & zombie romeo,
i think only 2 playable as that atm.

But ya kinda mean all mom's raised the kids alone cuz not planning getting don married till elder
if at all, used no jealousy unless engage/married/steady for it to work.
8 kids, 7 momma's all red heads & all outgoing awesome kids & Don called his kids a lot after first meeting each
one which was awesome. I got em all in college is some huge dorm building i found on this site.
I might make it a greek idk yet though, think all sophomore except Omaha, she freshman cuz born last &
had to finish her mom's college first... only red head in widespot i think...

Pic on wall is Don with the diva(who totally loves him for all the dream dates he takes her on).
The other painted is grilled cheese pic Natasha Una painted him.

Don's permaplat from ltw of hall of famer & from 20 woohoo's with different sims.
I might have got spoiler tag wrong not sure... but i'll change it if need.

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If you delete the / in front of the first spoiler, you should have proper spoiler tags. Are you going to make Don pay tuition for all those kids?

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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Ok, Thank you, fixed. & Yea i did motherlode em a bunch of cash after moved in., so guess that
was Don's Tuiton payment...

They do get money every semester from A+'s though... pretty chaotic running house with 8 students,
most played with in dorm before was 5... why they only at sophomore now. Taking slow making sure
get A+'s & had to find a momma each hood, technically need downtown yet might just use the diva.
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I haven't played Pleasantview for about a year now, and I only got to the point where the teens (including Beau, Alexander, Lucy, and Mary-Sue's daughter Danielle) were in college and did not get to graduate (Angela, Dustin, Lilith and Dirk were seniors).
Anyways in my game Don did eventually settle down. I remember Don was at the park on a date with Nina (the redhead) and Cassandra entered the lot while I was focused on the date, causing her to catch them cheating and get all upset. I was happy about it, because it helped me to split them up easily and earlier than I expected. When I got around to the Goth household, Cassandra and Don broke up. Don didn't seem to care because he had Nina and Cassandra already had someone new in mind. Cassandra still had a wedding that day, as she too was unfaithful to Don and loved Darren. They got married and she got pregnant on the first night of the honeymoon, which was stupid of them because then she had morning sickness for the rest of the trip. Don knocked up Nina and Dina left Mortimer for Malcolm Landgraab. Mortimer died and was a horrible ghost. Alex left for college and dated Lucy Burb freshman-junior year until their relationship unexpectedly crashed. Cassandra gave birth to twins, two cute children named Anne and Thomas who looked just like their dad. One or two days later Darren had an alien baby (him and Cassandra were pregnant together, it was very cute) which I didn't plan for but she was the cutest alien I ever had and her name was Blue Ivy. Don married Nina before she gave birth, and it was a boy named Angel. He was beautiful. Angel and Blue Ivy became best friends when they were children and would always classic dance. They were perfect and I thought maybe they could reunite the Goths and Lotharios if they ever got married, but I never got around to it. Even though Don and Nina were madly in love, they did cheat on each other and sometimes got caught, but they forgave each other quickly. It was just Angel who they were worried about. One of the people Don had an affair with was Dina, and he got her pregnant. She already had 2 or 3 (I forget but I know at least 2) kids with Malcolm and died before she had Don's baby. It was either from starvation or from being frightened by Michael's ghost. Then her husband and kids all died in a fire shortly after because of a stupid butler. Cassandra happily raised the twins with Darren and even treated Blue Ivy as her own. Don and Nina were just a fun wild couple not only together because of Angel. And as for Nina, she rested peacefully alongside Michael, Malcolm, and her children. Just kidding their ghosts created a burning hell for my Sims.
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I gave him a roommate in my rebooted Megahood... The roommate's name is Michael McDouche, and I suspect they will get along pretty well...
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I've had a few scenarios play out.

Most recently: Don put his romantic aspirations on the back burner and married Cassie, whether it be out of love or simply financial stability...who knows. However, he fathered two beautiful little girls with Cassie, and now lives in a renovated townhome in Bluewater Village (the one that is usually all pink on the edge of the town). His marriage isn't a fairy tale ending, but he has remained faithful to Cassie and has proven to be a great dad. Dina married Malcolm Landgraab and just gave birth to a baby boy. While she admits she originally signaled out Malcolm because of his fortune, she's actually fallen hard for him and is the devoting wife and mother she'd never imagined herself becoming. Nina took a different route and has yet to be married. She has, however, put good use to her bed. Unfortunately for her, she became pregnant with Daniel Pleasant's child, and is now a single mother. With all of her time being spent at work or taking care of her daughter, things are looking rather glum for her. As for Kaylynn Langerak, she married Mortimer Goth and is now a successful dancer and mother to Alex and her newborn son. Brandi Broke's third pregnancy proved to be too much for her body, her and the baby didn't survive. Dustin rented an apartment and struggled to take care of Beau up until he aged into a teenager, at that point the boys left Pleasantview behind for college. Darren is still single and pining for Cassie, although the two don't talk much anymore. Mary-Sue divorced Daniel Pleasant and moved into an apartment complex. What she didn't expect was that Daniel would move into the apartment downstairs to be closer to his daughters. Unable to resist his charm, Mary-Sue and Daniel carried on a relationship until Mary-Sue discovered that Nina was carrying his child. He now lives by himself in the very same trailer the Broke family owned. He quit his job in the athletic career and is now a struggling chef.

In my last scenario Don died in a fire the first day I played him. Life went on.
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The very first time I played he married Cassandra, moved into the Goth home, then had an affair with Dina, who was Mortimer's wife at the time.

This time, Cassandra caught him cheating before they could get married and broke up with him. In fact, a couple of his lovers caught him cheating when she did, all at the same time. His reputation with them plummeted, and every woman in Pleasantview he had fun WooHoo times with hated him. I've never seen so many stolen newspapers and tipped over trashcans-within the same day. I needed to call an exterminator, because it would happen while he was at work, and there'd be roaches by the time he got home!

Poor Don was thoroughly depressed. He often thought of Cassandra and cried. However, he remained friends with the Caliente sisters, but since he doesn't have that much to his name, Dina's kind of friend-zoned him. Nina, on the other hand, is still very interested in him. He also went to Cassandra's wedding when she married someone else and got in a fight with the groom, which really upped that party score xD Later, he was abducted by aliens. And now he's the proud father of a little alien named Sasha.
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Cow plant thingy ate him,.. cassandra drank him..yay
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I didn't like Angela Pleasant so I thought she deserved a cheating husband.. I made them marry and one time I also managed to get Angela pregnant with Dustin. That was fun ^.^
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Made Cassandra catch Don and Nina making out...and then broke up with him therefore no marriage happened. And then I made Nina (or Dina? I'm sorry I cant remember..) catch him with Kaylynn. All his girls were furious with him...he was left alone . He quit his career in medicine and used his remaining funds to go on a vacation in Three Lakes to get a move on. There he met Marion Hamilton, a fellow traveler. For three days they got along together and became friends. Back at Pleasantview, Don is still reaching out to Marion by chatting her over the phone. He decided then to invite Marion over his house for a vacation. During Marion's stay at Pleasantview, they even got closer until they become lovers...Marion stayed in Pleasantview for good to be with Don, who's now her boyfriend. Days (as in Simdays :p) later Don proposed for marriage and of course, Marion said yes. And so they got married. Since they had joint funds, Don and Marion moved out of Don's small condo and bought a bigger house (in 190 Sim Lane) and started a new life there with a child named Donna Marie. The end

ETA: After the vacation in Three Lakes, I gave Don a personality and aspiration change. From romance, I gave him the family aspiration. Also, he's now into Journalism. Long story short, I really turned him into a good man :D
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My last Don didn't marry Cassandra, and the Caliente sisters moved away. He was dating random sim women and became a plastic surgeon in a custom career. Kaylynn Langerak tried to get pregnant from him in order to becomet he wife, but that didn't work and she married another sim man. He's still a bachelor and doesn't mind it. I personally think it's great, no sim woman suffers as his wife.
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Originally Posted by Suzanne239
I didn't like Angela Pleasant so I thought she deserved a cheating husband.. I made them marry and one time I also managed to get Angela pregnant with Dustin. That was fun ^.^

For all of the Angela Pleasant haters out there, have a look at this poster I made for a certain store chain:

Whoever hit disagree probably thinks I hate Miss Pleasant, but I really don't. It's just part of her story line.
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My Don Lothario lived the worst life, ever. He married Nina and their life was fine until he found out she cheated on him. They sorted it out and they had a child together.

This is when stuff starts getting weird... I tried searching this up but it never occurred to anyone before.

Nina got a miscarriage from their second child (inteenimator) WHILE everything in their house was breaking (Tv, shower, bath, computer). I couldn't even do one thing with those items without it breaking or getting dirty. Nina was in the hot tub and was striked by lightning when she was in it. She left to run inside but she was also striked and DIED. After that, everything in the house continued breaking and vermin was everywhere. The tree I put next to her grave set on fire. Don had missed his job because of his daughter and the late nanny 3 times. He was rejected by every single woman who came over even when their relationship levels were high.

His daughter grew up really badly as a child. He got sick so he missed work for about a day. The next day, he went to work with all his skill requirements filled. The nanny came on time and it seemed pretty okay. The nanny made a baked alaska but dropped it, causing a fire in the kitchen. His daughter called a fire ambulance, they came and did nothing. The nanny died. Don still had four hours left to come home but the adoption services had already picked up his daughter. He's now alone in the house and no one will accept his romantic advances. He also got demoted after he came home that day.

This is so weird. I've never seen such an unlucky, haunted house before.
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I am playing Pleasantview for the first time just now, and yesterday I played Don's first day...

Don invited Nina over. They had woohoo twice - once in the hot tub and once in bed. Then Don and Nina went to the boutique at 330 Main Street, where Don bought some sexier underwear. When he emerged from the changing booth in a very skimpy pair of briefs, Nina took one look and dived in after him for their third woohoo of the day! This provided some free entertainment for the two teenage cashiers!

When he got home, Don said goodbye to Nina. He greeted Jan Tellerman who was passing, and somehow he persuaded her to clean the house! While Jan was cleaning, he phoned Dina and asked her round. As soon as she arrived he made out with her in the street in front of the house. Jan Tellerman had finished her cleaning and was now sitting in the hot tub so he joined her and chatted her up. Then he invited Dina into the hot tub too and had woohoo with her while Jan watched. Then, after a quick tickle from Jan, he served an instant meal to the two of them, and finally he retired to bed for woohoo with Dina while Jan soaked herself again in the hot tub.

So that's woohoo 3 times with Nina, including once in public, twice with Dina, and made a pretty good impression on Jan too.
...All in all, not a bad day?

As for Cassandra though, I really think she'd be better off NOT marrying him! I'll leave the Goths' lot till last to give her a chance to find out. Don's really not cut out for the married life!
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I realise this is an old thread but I recently restarted Pleasantview and wanted to share!
Don and Cassandra argued the day before they were due to be married (in my head Cass suspected him of cheating with Nina) and then Don picked a fight with her at the altar and walked away. Ended up getting married to Nina, but was slapped at his wedding by both Dina & Kaylynn! Dina was pretty bitter at the time because she got engaged to Mortimer and then I made Bella come back and he obvs left her for Bella. She's just got married to a downtownie "Mr Big" heheh. I feel like they will produce some very money-oriented, flirty babies!
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I don't like the Dina/Nina whatever their name is, simply because when I start up the game the one is in love with Mortimer which isn't fair because the only one who deserves him is Bella. There is only one Don Lothario so which ever of the sisters I pair him up with there is always the other twin chasing after Mortimer.
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In my mega-hood:
I first played the Goth's and he went over to Dina and started kissing her, right in front of Cassandra - so the wedding was called off. Which then made Cassandra hate her step-Mother and move out as soon as Mortimer and Dina got married (I'm not sure whether Mortimer just didn't believe Cassandra, or he just really wanted to fill the hole left by Bella with anyone, but either way they married) - and then that's a whole other story.
His lifetime want is 20 simultanious lovers, every day he picks up a new girl and smooth talks her into loving him, and most of the time eventually woohoo. So far he has about 10 lovers, if I can recall correctly: Nina Caliente, Dina Caliente, Roxie Sharp, Chloe Curious, Kaylynn Langerak, Angela Pleasant, Sharon Wirth, Jennifer Burb, Miranda Capp... and more.. but for the life of me I can't remember. I know he's currently trying to get with one of the Newson girls. He currently has two children - Abacus Curious and Angelina Wirth. He doesn't know about Abacus, because ever since Chloe gave birth she's given up on her life of romance, she's quite interested in raising Abacus for the time being. Sharon Wirth gave birth to Angelina this rotation and Don is over the moon. His secondary aspiration is of course family, so he was pretty pleased to have a little daughter, though I don't know whether he'll raise her.

He keeps rolling wants to get engaged (usually to multiple women at once), so he's pretty keen on settling down, but he still has 10 more women to fall in love with to reach his lifetime want so I don't want to get him married off just yet.... especially considering he can't make up his mind which of his lovers he wants to get married to.

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Well, this is the situation in my current game. Don and Casandra got married (I'd actually intended for them to break up at the wedding, but apparently he went through with it this time) and moved into 105 Sim Lane. Casandra is pregnant. However, right after the wedding, Nina and Dina invited him over to their house for some fun and now both of them are pregnant. Don is playing it cool, though and told Cassandra that he got them pregnant before the wedding. Cass was uneasy, but she figured it was a statement to his character that he wants to take care of all of his children. He's also contemplating having an affair with the maid, who's a Servo and I plan on hooking him up with some other characters I made. Cassandra will find out later, after the baby is born, and see what happens from there.
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