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Default Problems with skin-genetics recolour + androgyny mesh- I'm going slightly mad
So I'm trying to make a recolour of Aquilegia's Androgyny skins - specifically, I'm trying to recolour it so that it matches my default skintone set (Pyxis' Venice defaults ), while keeping it showerproof.

However, I've started to have an... interesting problem with Bodyshop.

Every time I clone a skin - no matter what skin it is, whether it's tied to the androgyny bodyshape or not, whether it's my default or something completely different- with half of the outfits I own (and ONLY half), it comes out looking like this:

This is the skin I cloned, with the same outfit:

It happens with every gender and age, and with every skintone I've tried. I really don't want to 'verify the integrity of my game' because that means I have to go clean out my hood templates ALL OVER AGAIN, but I can't think of what would be causing this.

I'm going slightly mad. I have no idea what's wrong. If someone could help, that'd be fantastic, but I'm at the end of my nine wits.

[UPDATE] I did repair my game via origin, and it hasn't fixed the problem.
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