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Default HELP! cant get Chris Hatch's unofficial EP to run.
I'm not sure anyone on here will know how to help me with this one but I don't want to keep pestering Chris if either I or someone else can help.

I've been trying to get the game (T&A) to run by consistently following his instructions in case I missed a step but still no luck. I even tried installing the self-install version and trying the update method and that didn't work.

Anyway, I think i may know the issue. The bodyshop equivalent runs fine but the game comes up with "this app cant run" when i select the .exe file that installs with the supplement that installs shortcuts etc. The other .exe file Chris says to copy from M&G and change its name to "SIMS2EP10", comes up with a "missing activation core.dll" error. To fix this, I went into M&G's tsbin and copied the core folder (which i think is from origin and has activation core.dll files),into T&A's TSbin and the game loaded on clicking the file but loaded as fun with pets.

I have ultimate collection so i'm not sure if this is down to downloading the supplement files Chris says to download, only if you have fun with pets with new store edition, which he says not to download as UC doesn't have the new store edition.

Could you please help me fix this? I'm getting all excited reading the about file and its so frustrating that i cant get it to work.

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Moved it to Help Hopefully someone will know how to fix it!
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Chris, God bless him, was so sweet and tried to help me, but it my case it was hopeless. I finally just realized it and gave up. Now, that could be just because I'm so computer stupid, I couldn't adequately follow his instructions, or maybe there's just some cc I have that causes the problems, or perhaps there's just something wrong. I don't know.

In my case the game would load, but when I tried to run it through T&A rather than M&G, the sims would be frozen in place. I finally just went back to starting through M&G. Some of the T&A stuff works, some doesn't. such is life. :3

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I think you'll have to shout @Chris Hatch for help or else post on his website.

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Owing to it's extreme adult nature I won't discuss T&A here, this problem has been discussed at Mamba City. The following is from future Installation instructions for The Sims™ 2 Angel and Nurses Stuff, the fix is the same for T&A.
It seems Origin have added a new security to Mansion & Garden Stuff, Although Maxis had intended for their software to be run from any location this new security limits it's use to be only from where Origin installed it.
There is two ways around that, the first and probably best is to download and use a no-DVD cracked Sims2EP9.exe and use that instead of the one from M&G.

The second option is to add a Sims2.ini file into your M&G/TSBin/ folder, this will direct the UC to use the files from A&N instead of M&G.
You can either create the Sims2.ini yourself or download the AN(UC) and run the executable it contains. The AN(UC)Supplement works and does the same as ANSupplement except it creates a Sims2.ini for you and points A&N's shortcuts to your existing M&G's executable.

To create your own Sims2.ini
Create a text file and add the following two lines

ep17dir=the full path to A&N

the full path to A&N must be correct for your installation.
ep17dir=C:\Program Files\EA Games\ The Sims 2 Angel and Nurses Stuff

Rename the new text file to Sims2.ini (you must have file extensions shown to do that)
The Sims2.ini must then be placed into the same folder as Sims2EP9.exe in Mansion & Garden Stuff, there is no need to copy Sims2EP9.exe to A&N or create shortcuts, just launch your game as usual.

If you ever remove A&N remember to delete the Sims2.ini to return your game to normal.
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