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Default Describe your hoods
We all read the threads that tell us of other people's games-"What's happening in your game" and similar.

But we don't describe what theme, if any, our individual hoods have.

So this is a thread to describe them in less than 250 words.

I'll go first:

Tinsel Town-a created neighborhood full of people who want to make it to the top of the Show Business career. The top dog gets a palatial mansion and all the trappings of fame & fortune. Founders are all created from scratch.

Rodeburg-A downloaded neighborhood full of unexpected surprises and pixels. Fun to play!

Maryland-a created neighborhood with my self-sim exploring a world full of Maxis townies and downtownies.

What are yours?

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Well, mine is already an existing town in a TV show, and I haven't got the SC4 file for it yet, but I'm making sims and buildings so it still counts, right?

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I rotate between the following so that I don't get bored with any one of them.

GilsCarburg: A BACC kind of place with Goopy GilsCarbo and Sandy Bruty as the only founders, so all playables are related to them by blood or marriage.

Yeager Air Force Base: Named after test pilot Chuck Yeager, it's an age-modded neighborhood I built in order to play a specialized ruleset built around the game's Military career. Includes things like deployments and the ability to be killed/injured/missing-in-action.

Empire City: An age-modded, downtown-based rags-to-riches scenario where Sims start homeless, living in tents on a vacant lot, and attempt to achieve riches and a nice house in the suburbs. Will eventually include three custom unis with an elaborate structure and playable classes instead of "rabbit hole" classes...which I'm still working out. I've got time because, since it's age-modded, it'll be a while before any born-in-games are ready to go to college.

St. Andrew's Crossing: An experimental neighborhood for an experimental ruleset that is unfortunately adult-oriented, so...yeah.

Greenacre: A neighborhood built off-road (with invisible roads) where the residents are pseudo-Amish, played with a custom ruleset. (Pretty much all my hoods are built around scenarios/rulesets that I dream up ). It's currently on hold while I make defaults, and I'm contemplating age-modding it, too, to give me more time for the large families it ought to have.

Landisville: Yet another experiment, this one where the residents have to build their houses from the ground up. As in, starting by chopping up trees for lumber. It will eventually be integrated, I think, if I stick with it long enough.

Retro-Strangetown: A version of Strangetown set in the 50s era, only where the whole Roswell thing was real and the aliens are known and are here to stay...although not everyone's happy about that. It's currently still in the building stage. (I bulldozed all the Maxis lots b/c I can't stand Maxis lots.) I'm rebuilding everything mid-century style. I'm going to attempt story-telling with it...although historically I've never been too good at maintaining that aspect of things. It'll probably be age-modded, too, to give me time to tell a story before everyone ages-up/dies. :P

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I'm currently playing three. I kept the names the hoods were originally given.

Elsewhere: The inhabitants of the former country of Monopoly moved here after the nuclear war. This is a communist, militarily aggressive hood. EVERY aspect of a sims life is controlled. Families are created and disbanded at Council discretion. No marriage or birth can occur without direct orders.

Downton: The winners of the nuclear war with Elsewhere, their country was devastated environmentally making the birth rate plummet. People of means can employ handmaids. The country is becoming very much a society of strict social class.

Veronaville: Above the destruction of the planet soars Veronaville (uberhood), the universe's first completely self sufficient space colony. Huge and growing by the day, the taxes are low, the Parliament is kind and honest. People are free to make their lives what they want them to be.

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Kashmire has a patchwork of a sim population just trying to live life and maybe there's good choices and not so good choices that go into that - but what is evident is that life is one big grey area. There are sims whose families have been in the region since the beginning, there's immigrants, and new transplants looking for opportunity. It once was ruled by criminal syndicates, and though peace and justice has prevailed the better part of two decades since the eradication of those institutions, there are now subtle whispers of them emerging anew. In addition, politics have gotten bumpy with the populace now divided between an established, political dynasty and a new politician promising to shake things up. It's a changing landscape, shaped by these myriad of decisions of sims just trying to live life.

Word Count: 134.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Black Rock Mountain: The bin Sim hood, where the fourth generation are being born at the moment. It is a huge hood with 250+ families. It is also the hood I play most of the time. It also has 5 subhoods, including a retirement subhood, and Jo's village, which I added during Jo's Community Spirit competition (and the families Jo created fit in really well)

Kipling: A military hood where there are soldiers building a new radar station because some people in high government places want to fly to more destinations.

Gardenia: There are 6 farms and I am playing them using all the farming cc I could find. I kept the townies to buy from the farmers.

Hazyview: A new hood; I am just building it and using it to experiment with my newer and under development building skills.
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so far in this time playing, just added sub-neighborhoods to 2 pre-made neighborhoods.
- pre-made Academie Le Tour to Belladonna Cove.
- pre-made La Fiesta Tech to Riverblossom Hills.
-also 1 lot-less university/college to both.
-a version of Downtown to both.
-also the hidden neighborhoods of expansions 4,5,8; to both.
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I am currently playing a BACC called Fallow Valley, named so because I created a backstory where it was a farming settlement in the 1800s that was abandoned (fallowed) in order to try and restore the fertility of the soil. The BACC picks up in the year 2000, where the founder, Theodore, set out from Sim City with a tent, a talent for resourcefulness, and a dream of a more community driven place to live.
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Oaville: Made last August when I first got the UC. Oaville was my first attempt in over 10 years at creating a custom 'hood, and my first rotational-based 'hood in at least 8 years. I played with this one until late March, when I decided to start an official BACC. Originally Oaville was going to be a BACC, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet. It's set in a northeastern climate with four distinct seasons.

Oaville is a small town. The original inhabitants came from a variety of places to start fresh lives.

Kesry: My BACC. I spent hours reading tutorials on making SC4 terrains to create the vision in my head, before deciding I didn't feel like it. After that, I spent hours searching Google for the next best thing: Someone else's hard work! I ended up finding Autumn Bay here on MTS and fell in love with it. I wanted to clear out all the premade townies, but I missed some steps along the way. By the time I realized that Maxis townies were on Kesry, I'd already been playing for a while and didn't feel like restarting.

The story behind Kesry is that young Forrest Kesry and several other Sims, including his future wife Naomi Hero, were shipwrecked while on a cruise. It appeared that the island was devoid of humanoid life. Their ship was quickly located and rescue efforts came to the island, but several of the survivors decided to instead make this their home. Communications with surrounding countries were limited at first, but as time goes by, more people move to the island, and trade is increasing drastically. The island is tropical in setting and has only spring and summer. If I could choose anywhere to live, it'd be in a climate like this! Wishful thinking, I suppose.

I started Kesry just under three months ago and this is the founding family tree right now (to avoid confusion, and because it annoyed me personally, I crossed out anyone who isn't blood-related): and Just to the right is Shiloh Kesry and her girlfriend Svetlana Fairchild. They never had kids. Ace was the first Sim to be born in the 'hood, and he's outlived his younger siblings, but I know that he'll be passing away on the first day of the next rotation. I'm pretty sad about it. Some of the kids don't have the Kesry name--I intended to have EVERY child born into the family hold on to that name, but it's a hassle and I kinda gave up on bothering.
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I only have time to play two hoods - the main (oldest) one is Veronaville where the rich live on one side of the river and the aspiring on the other. Sims who don't like either live in Bluewater. Very few if any of the original houses are used. The other I play is Desiderata Valley which is medieval-themed. The king has just been killed so it's all a bit unsettled there at the moment.
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Homestead Hollow: A community focused on earning a living either by working the land or selling handmade craftables. Everyone is self-employed, with the eventual goal of building up the town by opening cottage-industry businesses. The founding couple, Henry and Mae Gardner, moved there when they unexpectedly inherited a rundown farm from a relative. Jumping at the chance to escape the rat race in the big city, they started out with basic furnishings, a hacked empty fridge, and just enough money to plant their first crop and to order pizza while they waited for the harvest. Since then, they've had two children (boy and girl), built a second story onto the farmhouse and filled their fridge and juicer with fresh produce. They just opened a home business: A roadside produce stand, which is at Level 2. Their next goal is to buy fruit trees and to create a fishing pond on the lot.

I paired this neighborhood with Land Grant University from here at MTS. I turned Jackferry Point into a downtown and added it as well. I've only moved in one other CAS family so far: Grandma and Talia Weaving. Talia was a delinquent teen shipped off by her indifferent parents to Grandma in the country. She's blossomed under Grandma's tutelage and become quite talented with the sewing machine.
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I haven't built it yet, but I have a general description of my hood. It's currently set in 1980s Florida by the way (words: 145).

Longwood Beach, a small town, stands between Choctaw Beach and Freeport, just across the bay from the bigger and developing resort town of Miramar Beach. The people here are generally laid-back, with downtown Longwood Beach packed every Wednesday and sleepy during Sundays. Longwood Beach is the home of the training facility Camp Bradshaw Army Base, the only Army base on the Emerald Coast. Most of the locals are pretty forgettable except the Guthrie's, a family with a complicated history, being the hot topic of many household dinners. Longwood Beach has been a tiny town for years, an idyllic place to settle down by the water, until recent development from McNamara Properties started turning the town into a mini beach resort. This is slowly forcing out many of the old residents of Longwood Beach, and the Guthrie family is trying to put a stop to it.


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By the way, I was joking about the "250 words" thing. You can describe your hoods in as much detail as you want. I've been reading all of the answers with fascination. There are so many ways to play this game!

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Ferelden - A hood set vaguely in Ferelden from Dragon Age, with the main hood being Denerim, Ferelden's capital. Played with a ruleset I've cobbled together largely from the Medieval Charter, Warwickshire, and Victorian Social Class Challenges. I'm also adding in things from @vllygrl's By George! Regency rules. The time period is the Exalted Age, four hundred years before the Dragon Age games take place, and the aesthetic is a mixture of medieval and Regency (with Regency mostly winning because I can't help myself and download everything Cupcakeyy/Simbury makes ever). I started out with 7 families and now have ~20 and over 100 sims, and it's grown from a tiny hamlet to a bustling little town, and I'm adding two new sub-hoods/duchies, Highever and Pemberley. I have plans for a lot more and I'm very excited! I absolutely love playing this hood.

Arcadia River - My BACC set in modern times using Didily's rules. It's still very tiny with only the original five founding families (well, four, since one founder married another founder and moved in with him), since Ferelden has been getting most of my attention and also I decided to do a total revamp of my modern downloads folder a couple months ago now and I keep procrastinating finishing that
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Peralta: a small desert town modeled on places like Roswell (NM), Socorro (NM), and Winslow (AZ). In my backstory for it, it was once a middling desert city with an air force base and a mining economy, but a mining disaster saw most of the town emptied. A secretive military-scientific installation took over a lot of the land. The airbase is still there, and alleged UFO sightings attract nuts to the region, but most of the jobs are in nearby San Cruces. The "downtown" area of the neighobrhood, this city is based somewhat on Flagstaff (AZ). with a prominent university and observatory.

Queen's Bluff: a custom map made in SimCity 4, the Bluff began as an attempt to recreate Sims and buildings from SimCity 3000 into The Sims 2. It quickly became, for reasons which escape me, a post peak-oil fantasy world, in which society was struggling to rebuild itself. Medieval and "Western" themes converge together, with one story line involving a power struggle between the High Sheriff and a country lord. This is my very favorite neighborhood but it is so big and hopelessly corrupt that no one's familial relationships even register. I've actually played with making Age of Kings scenarios based on the various factional dramas... O_O

Verona: Take Veronavilla, remove the fairies, use it to recreate Austrian-Italian history and have "The Mafia" spring up as a response to the natives' frustration with their leadership, the Montys, not repelling the Austrian (Capp) invasion. Most of the neighborhood is new Sims, with Italian names taken from lists.

The Hollow: a map I'm making modeled based on the Deep South, with antebellum homes, trailer parks, and lots of trucks. I haven't made many characters yet.
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Coral Bay (Elsewhere) is a small modern peninsula township known for its reef, seafood and beaches.

Going back up the only road in and you will come to Dolphin Point, a larger coastal town known for its shops and schools.
Heading west will bring you to Hunter Valley (Middleground) a large wealthy rural community, vineyards, B&B's, upmarket shops and wealthy farms.
Driving further west we reach the outback town of Tara (Baskerville) This is a small poverty-stricken area. High crime-not great for tourists. I also have mootilda's uni and a downloaded Downtown Emerald city attached to Coral Bay as well. I haven't really done much with those as yet.

In my medieval folder I have The town of Boronia. This is a medieval fantasy based hood.

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Retro Strangetown: Eureka edition: My Strangetown is vaguely mid-centuryish (anything from the 40s, 50s, or 60s is fair game) with a fair amount of more modern tech thrown in courtesy of the aliens...who all have very cushy R&D jobs with the government. If you've ever seen the tv show Eureka, it's kind of like that. Except with aliens. And witches. Because alien experimentation...or something. Actually, I just really like witches.
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Richerville is a megahood I am working on currently. It has five households. It started with 6 households, down to 5 as some single parents got married.
All in all it leaves 3 married couples and 2 single guys.
4/5 of these households lives downtown while one household lives in a "sub" area of this megahood which is just one big map.

I build small houses *^*
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Pleasantview: Maxis 'hood with two additional families, a nightclub, a cemetery and a youth centre. I've only played it for one rotation so far.

Strangetown: Maxis 'hood with one extra family. Only played for one rotation so far, but I've recently started playing it again and incorporating the scenario of Jo's Strangetown: Trading Places contest, so quite a few of them (though maybe not all) will be swapping houses. I've just added a new family to the family bin.

Veronaville: My main game and where my favourite Sims live. Maxis 'hood with lots of extra households. The Maxis characters are all there, but they don't dominate the neighbourhood. When I think of Veronaville, I think of Andrew and Gloria Jones at 19 Chorus Court, and Julian Moltke and his family at 100 Via Veronaville before I think of the Capps and Montys. Downtown, Bluewater and Monopolis (d_dgjdhh's Monopoly Game Town) are attached. Monopolis is still mostly empty, but it is being developed under the leadership of wealthy property speculator Milburn Pennybags, and the first families are moving in. I'd say that Veronaville is an integrated community, but in a different sense to Jo's. It's integrated through a network of meaningful friendships and a strong shared sense of civic pride. Veronaville is working hard to rid itself of its legacy of semi-criminal feuding. It has become a very desirable place to live. It is developing as a centre of fashion and textile manufacture, and downtown Veronaville in particular has become a centre of gay culture. Veronaville sees itself as progressive, open and welcoming, whilst remaining firmly grounded in its historic roots. I liker to include myself as a proud Veronavillian. But Andrew is telling me to keep my feet on the ground. "Yes, it's a good place to live," he says, "But it's Veronaville -- it's not Shangri-La!"

New Desconia: A remote tropical island, where Desmond and Cony have founded a hedonistic paradise on Sim-Earth for young Romance Sims. Totally escapist, most Sims live from money cheats and money trees. They seem to have found the elixir of youth -- everybody stays young and beautiful. It's rather NSFW and there are no children on the island. To live there, you must be a young Romance Sim, open to the idea of free love and with at least 8 Nice points. Mainly gay and bi, the only real rule is "Make love not war".

Baldrair Bluffs: Started last year, Baldrair Bluffs stands on the upper Simourris River 3 days sailing upriver from the attached Land Grant University. Originally conceived as a sort of "test 'hood plus" to give me experience of playing university before adding one to Veronaville, Baldrair Bluffs has become quite interesting in its own right. As a feeder to LGU, there is a large number of teens living there, many of whom will eventually take the river steamer down to enrol at the university. There is also a lot of teenage romance. So far the Bluffs and the University have been quite separate communities with not much connection between them, but some of the older teens in the Bluffs now feel ready to move on to higher education so that should change soon. No children have been born in Baldrair Bluffs so far, but there have been some interesting adoptions, including some both by and of teenagers. I have gone a bit overboard creating CAS Sims in this neighbourhood, in part because it is built on a large terrain, which still looks rather empty. As a result there are actually more playable Sims here than in Veronaville. Quite a few of these though are in the student bin, and have never yet been played yet.

Elswyn: My newest 'hood, started last year for joandsarah77's Community Spirit contest. Basically it contains the families featured in the contest, plus a few extra ones. It uses M.M.A.A.'s Oceanside County terrain.

I also have a couple of test 'hoods: Teston Woods in my full game, and Finlaystoun, in an AGS "permagame". I really just play these when I have something relevant to test, but I still try to look after the Sims who live there.

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Yup. I'm boring. Most of my hoods, past and present, are suburban/rural middle-class hoods. Some here have such precise rules for their hoods, and I admire their discipline.

I DID have a Valley of the Mud People once. I had this skintone that ... I have no idea whether it was my graphics card or not ... but it did NOT look like the picture. It looked like a bunch of people with light mud-colored skins. My daughter joked that I should make a hood dedicated to the Mud People. And so, the hood was born. In my hood, though, mud people and non-mud people often married. The terrain was dirt (but of course!) Probably the only time I used a dirt terrain. That hood went kaboom. Something I did corrupted it. Forgot just what.

One of my vacation hoods in my current favorite hood has an historical-based section based on a colony between 1700 and 1750. I researched buildings to make the building style more authentic. There are other sections as well, but the tourists flock to that destination. I had to make a whole story in my head about the colony's history.

I'm thinking of doing a small tropical island subhood for my main hood. It was going to be a vacation hood, but there were some convincing points made by posters here why it should be a subhood instead. My Sims just can't stay at the motels for very long.

Oh, and I have a custom Uni hood with a bunch of classroom buildings and two nearby town areas.

Other than Pleasantview, I don't play any other hoods. I still have Desiderata and Belladonna Cove in there, and I think I peeked into them all of once or twice. I also have Riverblossom ... I was going to do a mini-mega hood with Desiderata, but now I'm not sure if I want to. Still on the fence about that. For some totally irrational reason, I think I'm going to break something. (I know. Irrational.) Also, since I don't do empty templates (I kind of like some of the Maxis characters), I'm concerned there would be a HUGE population in that hood. I have about three test hoods and an unplayed hood designed to make lots in my game. That's about it.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

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Oh thank goodness @FranH, that word limit made me flashback to my school days where I had to write a quiz answer in 250 words or less . I'm currently pre-planning another hood called Rye. It's partially based off of two locations, the city and separate town of Rye, NY. I may change the name, however, to make it stand out more, it's just the task of going through with it. Still set in the 1980s like Longwood Beach as well.

Rye, New York is the place to be. A quiet and affluent town, situated right between lush rolling hills and a beautiful cerulean bay. It's been ranked #1 every year as the 'Top 10 Places to Live' for its tree-lined streets and top-rated schools. But it's not like anybody can live there, not with a house going for $5.1 million. Only New York's elite populate this place, thanks in part to the influential McNamara family's development of the town, dubbed the 'Kennedy's of Real Estate'. From its humble beginnings as a tiny farming village in the late 20s, Henry Robert, or Harry, McNamara sought to turn it into the rich man's paradise. With all of the dilapidated country houses flipped to multi-bedroom mansions, Rye quickly caught the attention of old money families. Harry McNamara laid down roots in the town, with him and his wife Ethel raising their 9 children there. Now half a century later, Rye has become a vacation destination, with the bay filled with speed boats and yachts, and the streets decorated with sports cars every summer. And if you're lucky, maybe Gerald McNamara will drop in to your next yacht party.


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Primavera, I love it! Almost the opposite of my sketchy little blue collar desert town but I can almost see it! Rye is one of the names I was considering for my hood.

My neighbourhood is set somewhere between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, as the crow flies. It gets a little tourist traffic, but most sims commute to work in larger cities rather than working within the town. Most rent boxy brick apartments with ferns on the balcony that swelter under the year-long heat. There's little to do but play pool and poker in dark bars with darker backrooms, or sit around bonfires and listen to loud music in asphalt carparks. It seems like not much could happen here, doesn't it? But to you, your life is the most exciting on in the world - purely because you're the one living it.
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I'm planning a hood called Cigam, which is...uhh, based off of a set of anime-esque dating sims I used to play as a preteen?
It's the city in all of those dating sims. There will be five areas of it, North, East, South, West, and a Downtown called Reton.
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Pleasantview, "no longer home to the rich and comfortable, today it's full of the poor and struggling. But the working class sure know how to have fun. A tight poly community and helpful neighbors still makes this a great place to sim." Trailer parks and cheap apartments, tiny rental houses and duplexes, high percentage per capita of bars, clubs, bowling, lottery "jobs," car "restoration," no real services, lots of poker, polyamory, and margaritas. The Ottomi clan with five new infants from one drunken weekend, the Bruce Rauscher brood with 7 kids from different mothers, Brandi, Dreamer, Dustin and Angela, blended families galore form a very tight interconnected community, but what will happen with the genies, gypsies, witches, and charlatans thriving here, too?

Desiderata Valley, "longtime home to back-to-landers and big money farms is now getting townified. With the new Walmart and Lucky's going gay, the times they are a-changin." The middle of the valley is full of big money agriculture, fields and silos and barns as far as the eye can see, but the highway and the new Walmart to the North brought in a small urban area and a lot of the gay black community moved in and settled here. Lucky's has been totally renovated and it's the hub of town life. Out past the farms, all the old hippies still have their community gardens, rustic cabins in the woods, boondocking RVs. They don't get into town much. Will the valley continue to split or will the two sides become more integrated?

Widespot has evolved into a tightly integrated, walkable community with more community services. Lana Rich had opened a tiny public library and Rhett Hart's become the minister for an all-inclusive church. The founding families see more highway traffic and are joined by refugees from other hoods, the Newsons inherited a farm here, the Travellers, Gavigans, and some of the Ottomas clan have all moved here, too, for the extra services Widespot provides. Trent has taken on the public pool. Candy Hart is starting a daycare to accommodate Widespot's surprisingly high birthrate among unwed mothers. The Beech's are looking into building a clinic, so sims don't have to go to the city for healthcare. Will the old Widespot families accept the new residents, and who are the fathers to all those new babies, anyway?

Zombies! An apocalyptic test hood where zombism runs rampant and viruses kill. Soon, the only living humans left with be the poor orphaned children.
Lottaland A test hood for lots whose only inhabitants are Humbler Humble and the newspaper carrier. Once the construction stops, will they repopulate the sim race?
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My integrated hood, Elgin:

"Last century, the town of Elgin was swept away by the North Sea and abandon. Now, Elgin is coming under a resurgence, after a group of residents from SimCity, Scotland repopulate it. They are hoping to bring life and peace back to the city, after abruptly leaving their old city, due to political warfare."

Elgin's tenth anniversary is coming up, I need to remind myself to update its description, went I play round 10.
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